Are you prepared?

If you’re an artist or maker ready to bring your talents to market, here are a few questions to ask yourself first…

What do you need?

Whether you’re popping up at a market event or within brick and mortar store, it’s important to understand what you need. Make sure that you look at what the venue is providing, and if you’re not sure, always reach out and ask the point of contact. You may consider investing in your own tables, table cloths, decorations, brand signage, shopping bags, and anything else you need to leave a lasting impression on shoppers. 

How are you getting the word out?

Hopefully the venue you’re popping up at has done a good job of promoting you… but do you really want to leave it to them? Odds are, you have an audience that’s eager to come see you, even if it’s just your friends and family at first. Set yourself up to have folks lining up for your booth by posting about your pop-up on social media, texting your people, and telling every person you come across and feel comfortable sharing with. You can also start an email list… but more on that later!

How are you taking payment?

When it comes to taking payment, it can be as simple as printing your Cashapp or Venmo QR code on a piece of paper and sitting it on your table. However, some shoppers may not have those apps (most do). If you want to ensure that anyone walking by your booth will have an equal opportunity to make a purchase, it may be worth investing in a mobile credit card reader. Here are a few that won’t break the bank that we recommend. (Some have no upfront cost)

  1. Square Free Reader, Pay 2.6% + 10¢ per swipe 
  2. Paypal $24.99 Reader, Pay 2.29% + 9¢ per swipe
  3. Quickbooks $49 Reader, Pay 2.4% + 25¢ per swipe

How are you staying connected?

It’s the end of the market and it was a HUGE success. The people loved your work and you made out with a nice chunk of change… but in order to roll that success forward, it’s crucial to collect the contact information of every single shopper that stops by your booth. WHY? Because now you can start a newsletter to let people know where you’re going to pop up next. You can also use it to let them know when you have new work available or to even land commissions from those who genuinely adore your artistry. 

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